Off work due to depression since 2000, Claudia, a 47-year- old divorced mother of young adult twin girls was struggling with symptoms of depression, headaches, anxiety, and a significant eating disorder.

When Prisma first began working with Claudia in January 2004, she was substantially deconditioned, socially isolated, and her life was rather unstructured. In addition, her eating disorder was uncontrolled and her coping style was counter-productive to assuming a level of functioning commensurate with employment. In the 8 months that followed, Claudia responded very well to treatment. She normalized her sleep hygiene, assumed a regular schedule of exercise, developed good structure in her life, and she acquired and successfully implemented improved coping mechanisms in order to manage stress. Claudia’s headaches reduced substantially, and her eating disorder became much better controlled. Claudia began working for a major manufacturer of health and beauty products as a Quality Assurance Inspector and is currently working on her GED to further her career aspirations.

In Claudia’s own words, “Prisma saw something in me that I could not see in myself ….allowing me to go through the healing stages and assistance to get me to where I am today. My hope is that others out there will have the same chance as I did to become healthier and to have a fresh new beginning.” 

“I just wanted to update you on the things in my life. It was a long time coming but my life is better then it has been. I have now completed my Grade 12 with a 90% average, plus I completed 2 college courses that I needed to entered into the Quality Assurance Certification program that I wanted. I start September 18th with this. I am now back to work and all is good. Thanks for all your help in getting me where I am today. I really hope the company continues with this program in helping others as well.