Your support and advocacy during my rehabilitation has been pivotal in achieving milestones to recovery. You have been accessible, friendly, creative and respectful of my disabilities and my abilities. I have always felt like you were working with me on my goals.

The professionals you have made available to me during my recovery complimented my personality amazingly, but all made huge contributions towards my goal of health recovery with return to work as the ultimate goal. I was impressed at how the philosophy of Prisma apparently includes the educational, physical, social and cultural components of a client in addition to work hardening, job search and preparedness, etc. It’s a holistic approach that in my opinion, facilitated and expedited my achievements. The personnel you employed to work with me were top notch and I always felt anxious to get started with them because I knew it meant recovery. The additional psycho/social support from Dave Adams helped me to focus on my achievements and progress through the rehabilitation process with the feeling of unbiased and professional support. 

My experience with Prisma Health has been a positive, supportive and motivating experience that I am convinced moved me to a search to rejoin my career sooner and with greater confidence than I could have achieved on my own. 

Thank you all for your efforts and belief in my abilities and for allowing me to be part of the process with your team in a respectful and positive way.


Cynthia, RN