When you receive a letter from your insurance company stating that they have chosen you to be reviewed by Prisma Health as a possible candidate for the Prisma Program, several things are going to happen.

After a Case Manager from Prisma has reviewed the file information, one of our experienced Field Consultants will complete a comprehensive assessment with you at your home or a mutually agreed-upon location. During the assessment, objective and subjective data is gathered to review topics such as current symptoms, history of illness, medical management, pharmacological history, personal and family history, and vocational goals and motivation.

Following the assessment, and with your signed consent, we contact your treating physicians to confirm diagnoses, to obtain recommendations and to seek their support for active rehabilitation. In preparing our detailed report, we identify barriers and make recommendations for intervention.

Prisma Health coordinates the implementation of an intensive and individually tailored rehabilitation program designed to meet your specific recovery needs and goals.

We understand that when you have been away from work for a long time, everything changes: your routine, your mobility, your confidence level, your attitude, your expectations and goals, and your contacts. We know that your health condition has a significant impact on the way you feel about yourself. You may feel isolated, left behind by your employer and forgotten by your colleagues. It can be hard to imagine how you will ever get back to work after you have been away for so many months or years.

Not only may your condition restrict you, but so can new fears that may have developed over time. It means that you not only have to face recovering from your condition, but also overcoming the negative impact it has had on your way of life. There is a significant adjustment to be made, and Prisma Health understands this. With the right support structure and assistance, we are confident that you can regain a positive outlook and a great sense of achievement, and you can bridge the gap between home and work. Whether you return to your former employer or seek new employment opportunities, Prisma Health is there to help you.

You can only gain from your involvement with Prisma Health. Your employer or insurance company pays for our expertise, and you benefit from it. Our team of experts will work closely with you, taking the time to listen and to fully understand your situation, so that we can really make a positive difference to improve your health, increase your capabilities and remove the obstacles that prevent you from returning to work and being financially independent.