Statistically, very few people who leave the workplace for more than two years due to a physical or mental illness ever make it back to the workplace on their own. Most of these claims remain active until the claimants reach their retirement date. This represents significant economic loss to both claimants and insurers.

Prisma Health has developed a method that allows claimants to recover sufficiently to become employed in the workplace. Delivery of this method allows insurers to obtain significant profits by shortening the duration of claims and increasing the productivity of claimants. While most insurers have the skills and resources to provide short-term rehabilitation interventions, complex claims require additional time and involvement. Prisma Health’s team of highly skilled professionals is capable of delivering these extensive services.

Our method: every piece in the right place

We believe that time, trust, attention and consistency are essential to help people recover from disability. Prisma Health provides claimants with intensive, tailored and comprehensive assistance. We address emotional and physical needs and we identify lifestyle changes. For some, the recovery process may mean the ability to once again play sports or start a hobby; for others, to improve family ties or finances.