Learn more about our four-step program

Step 1 - Assessment

The assessment phase begins with the insurer referring their claimant to Prisma Health for a comprehensive assessment.

Once the background information is reviewed by a Prisma Health Case Manager, the referral is then assigned to a Field Consultant to conduct a bio/psycho/social assessment.

The Field Consultant contacts the claimant to arrange a mutually convenient time to meet in order to gather current medical information, as well as to determine any other factors that may assist the claimant to recover and return to gainful employment.

After obtaining signed consent from the claimant, Prisma Health seeks the treating physician’s support for active rehabilitation. If sufficient medical stability is noted, then Prisma accepts the referral and rehabilitation intervention can commence.

Step 2 - Intervention

Intervention begins by developing strategies to help the claimant improve their current lifestyle and their physical and emotional health, as well as to restore their overall sense of purpose. Prisma Health assists the claimant to establish goals that are manageable and time-focused in order to help them to attain the best possible outcome. The claimant achieves functional gains with activities of daily living and lifestyle.

During this phase of rehabilitation, ongoing consultation with the treatment team is maintained to address any barriers that may arise. Hands-on interventions such as physical and emotional reactivation and reconditioning are a major component of the intervention phase. A great deal of time is spent planning the return to work and preparing the claimant to regain independence and autonomy. This is a dynamic process that can change over the course of an intervention. Once the claimant has improved their overall wellness and their treatment team deems medical stability, the return-to-work planning phase is implemented.

Step 3 - Return to Work

The return-to-work phase may offer a variety of options, and will be based on the claimant’s specific situation and goals. Options may include: returning to the pre-disability occupation with the employer on a graduated basis; seeking employment in an alternate occupation with another employer; or even opting for an independent lifestyle. When there is a return to work, Prisma Health strives to establish rapport with the employer to ensure a smooth transition into the workplace. This phase, just like all of Prisma’s interventions, is tailored to the claimant’s specific needs and goals.

Step 4 - Follow-Up

Prisma Health’s follow-up phase is focused on ensuring that the claimant is able to remain healthy and functional, and to maintain employment over the long term if they have chosen to return to the workforce. During this stage of the program, Prisma Health continues to provide support to the claimant to preserve the gains from the rehabilitation process and to problem solve in a timely fashion any issues that may arise in the workplace or at home. The employer is also invited to provide feedback to ensure that the transition to gainful employment is successful for all parties involved.