I was recently on disability leave from work for chronic depression. I was contacted by the insurance company handling my case. They suggested I might gain assistance from a company they are associated with to help people return to work. I was amazed at the direct, hands-on approach that she used to help me cope with the day-to-day stuff of living, while at the same time helping me to focus and work through the issues holding me back from getting on with my life. Things that seemed insurmountable began to be not only possible, but easily achievable.

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They explained clearly on the phone what their goal was and how they were going to visit me and help me determine my rehabilitation, what I needed to do to return back to work and get my life in order and so, right from the start, it was comfortable, it was talking, it was easy. My life before Prisma became involved was one day at a time, I felt I was just existing. A Health Care professional from Prisma came right to my house and right from the start, she was very caring, very considerate, very respectful.

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Off work due to depression since 2000, Claudia, a 47-year- old divorced mother of young adult twin girls was struggling with symptoms of depression, headaches, anxiety, and a significant eating disorder.

When Prisma first began working with Claudia in January 2004, she was substantially deconditioned, socially isolated, and her life was rather unstructured. In addition, [Read More]


Your support and advocacy during my rehabilitation has been pivotal in achieving milestones to recovery. You have been accessible, friendly, creative and respectful of my disabilities and my abilities. I have always felt like you were working with me on my goals.

The professionals you have made available to me during my recovery complimented my [Read More]